What is Outrun Football?

Outrun Football is the ultimate webapp for serious Fantasy Football players looking to gain a competitive edge.

Our groundbreaking A.I. technology generates expert projections weekly, giving you an unprecedented advantage over your opponents. With advanced algorithms and predictive analytics, projections can provide invaluable insights when making start/sit decisions for your team. Forget your gut instinct or biased opinions from analysts, our AI-generated projections take into account a multitude of factors, including data from the past 30 years to provide you with the most accurate predictions possible.


Average difference between projection and performance


Probability player will perform below projected ceiling

Not only can Outrun Football help you make informed decisions about which players to start, but they can also help you identify potential waiver wire pickups and trade targets. With the help of Outrun Football's AI-generated projections, you'll have the information you need to dominate your league and come out on top!

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